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What is PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine and Its Types?

General, there are two type of PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine, single stage bottle blowing machine and two stage bottle blowing machine.

Single stage PET bottle blow moulding machine came out in Japan in December 1975 while PET bottle development was proceeding in the US. This company named ASB. It is popular in the world.  Since the high technology, few company can produce it. Most of the manufactures are two stage type.

Two Stage PET processing includes:

♦Making preforms by PET Injection Molding Machine

♦Blowing Bottle By PET Blowing Machine

Compared with one stage, two stage is more economic and flexiable. It is widely accepted in plastic market. Customer can choose make preforms or make bottles indepedently and specially. Or do both them.

Winiber, Specilized in two stage PET bottle blow moulding machine  for more than 10 years. We can offer the total solutions from the raw material to finished product. We are your best partner!

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