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Winiber can offer total solutions of water production line to you! Winiber, Your best choice!

Buy your own water production line and Convert your water into cash!

Make it easy to start bottled water business

1. Manufacturer of water bottling plant.
2. Supply bottled water materials like preform, cap, label, packing film.
3. Free bottle design for choice
4. Free drawing factory layout
5. Offer oversea installation.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I know Winiber 5years ago. I purchased the PET blowing machine from her, but the water filling line from others. After 1 year, my filling line got problem and I do not get service from the original company. I asked Winiber for help, got spare parts for me. Last year, we bought new line from Winiber, it runs very very good! Thx for everything!
Ceo & Founder
I know Winiber 3years ago, I found her from website for the PET preform Production Line. I have my own water treatment system, but I need the preform line. I got good suggestions and service from the begin to the final product shipping. Also she cares much about our production, and ask the situation regularly. Really a good partner!

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Double Free Spare Parts

To thank your trust, if you order machine from us finally, we will send you double free spare parts.

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