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Stretch Blow Moulding Machine Bottle Burst Solution

Stretch Blow moulding machines is more and more popular in different field. Here Winiber will share with you the reasons and solutions for stretch blow moulding machine burst during blowing.

Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

Preforms to be white

Solution: The setting parameters of each stretch blow moulding machine manufacturer are different. Reset the heating temperature of each lamp and adjust it to a suitable temperature.

Does not set pre-blowing or the pre-blowing time is too short

Solution:  Adjust the pre-blowing time and parameter

Over High pressure

Solution: Ajust the pressure. Excessive high-pressure process can easily lead to direct Bottle explosion.

Mould closing is not in position

Solution:  reinstall the mold correctly.

Cylinder error

If all cavity bottle burst, it is most likely that the cylinde is broken, Change to a new one.

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