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PET Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine And Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The difference between PET plastic bottle blowing machine and extrusion blow molding machine:

  1.  PET plastic bottle blowing machine is mainly for PET bottles. The semi-automatic custom made PET blowing machine can do some simple PP bottles, like the feeding-bottle. Extrusion blow molding machine is a device for blowing hollow plastic product, the material like HDPE, PP, PC and PVC.
  2. PET plastic bottle blowing machine has 2 types, two-steps and one-step. The most in market is two-steps. Injection machine makes the preforms from material, then PET blowing machine blow the preform to bottles. The one-step blowing machine is to inject molding at one time in same machine. Extrusion blow molding machine also named based model forming. The resin through the loader to barrel, then push to die head mould. After cooling becomes to bottles.

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