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PET Injection Molding Common Problems And Solutions

PET Injection Molding with PET injection machine and auxiliary machines produces PET preforms. Bottle Blowing Machine blows preforms to bottles, used for packaging of cosmetics, medicine, health care, beverages, mineral water, reagents, etc.

Today, we will explain to you several common problems and solutions of PET injection molding.

PET Injection Molding Phenomenon 1: PET preform is non-transparent


Insufficient drying and plasticization of raw materials;

Mixing with other plastics and the purity is not high;

The material temperature is too low


Check the drying material temperature and the injection volume if matches with PET injection molding. Ensure the raw material is dried at 165 degrees to a moisture content less than 0.02%;

Drying for more than four hours;

Try to increase the screw speed.

Phenomenon 2: The PET bottle preform is cracked at the gate


Basically Gate undercut and the gate area being too hot;

Maybe the hot runner gate and the gate are not concentric.


Increase the gate insulation; correcting the PET injection molding and gate

Phenomenon 3: The preform bends after demoulding


eccentric gate hole;

uneven cooling


Correcting mold;

Reducing the holding pressure, increasing the injection speed, prolonging the cooling, cleaning the water channel, and increasing the cooling water pressure.


PET Preform Molding Production Line

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