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PET Bottle Preform Neck Size Classification

  PET Bottle Preform is popular in different kind of fields. Such as food & beverange, pharmaceutical & liquor, costmetic etc. Application for water bottles, carbonated bottles, edible oil bottles, food packaging, juice bottle and so on.

Different field, the neck standards are different. The below PET bottle preform neck size for your reference.

If you need any equipment about PET Preform Mould and PET Blowing Machine,  Pls do not forget to contact with Winiber! We are specializing in Bottle Production Line!




PET Bottle Preform

2 thoughts on “PET Bottle Preform Neck Size Classification

  1. Hilmi Gok

    We are in need of PET preform Cavity-necks-tools and accessories. We will produce the plates in our country (Since importing finished plastic moulds has very high custom duties) .Pls let me know if possible. If possible we will have different sizes of necks, thicknesses , dia and lengths..

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