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Why the Blowing Machine is Same, Price Different?

I talked with one customer before. This customer is the first time to purchase the PET bottle blowing machine. and he did not know everything clearly. what he need is our WBS-2 2 cavity semi-automatic blowing machine. I made the completely set quotation to him. But he said it is too high for him, if buy from his local, he can get it just 65% of my price.

Since we sell many machines to their market, we know them very well. what we quote includes bottle blowing machine+1.2/30 high pressure air compressor+1.0/10 cooling dryer+2pcs of air filter+water chiller+hydraulic pipes. what their market standard is bottle blowing machine+0.75/30 high pressure air compressor.

What we want to express is price can not stand for everything. These 2 plan both can blow bottles. but the second one bottle can not be blown clearly without dryer and filter. also the spare parts will be easy damage, becuase of the dirty air flow into machines. Customer need use tap water to cool the pre-heater and mould instead of mould, it will increase the future cost.

Anyway, it is decided by what kind of quality and the price customer want. Different customer different requirement.

Winiber, always offer the competitive price with high quality machines. Do our best for every customer!

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