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Maintenance of PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Maintenance and inspection is for keeping the reliability for using PET Bottle Blowing Machine. To reduce the production cost, longer the usage life of machine, and have the accuracy of machine meet the requirements for improving the quality of product. Here are the maintenance proposal appointed below. Operator must record every matter observed in everyday.

Check items for everyday

  1. Check whether all the magnet ring switches are at proper position (especially the magnet ring switch on mechanical arm), whether screw components loosing, whether there is shifting of installation position;
  2. If emergency stop button can work correctly;
  3. The blank entering channel is in level, and whether tube blank is enough;
  4. Open valve under air circuit and air filter, and remove water and foreign matter. Check whether the circulating water is jammed;
  5. In principle, connecting the power supply of auxiliary machine before main machine. After connected power supply of auxiliary machine, please confirm the running status and setting value of every auxiliary machines;
  6. Cooling water machine: confirm the temperature and flow rate of water; 1)cooling water: confirm the temperature and flow rate of water of cooling water; 2) compressor: confirm the pressure and volume of air supplied to forming machine; 3) there are 2 systems of high pressure and low pressure in working field of plastic forming machine; It’s a must that no leakage in every circuits;
  7. Operate by manual to confirm the up and down movement of base mold and the closing of plastic blowing mold is reliable;
  8. Check by eye whether there are defects like moisture condensation, rust, foreign matter, etc;
  9. Confirm whether the setting and running of heater is correct;

Check items for every week

Below are the check contents for every week. Cut off the power supply of the machine.

1, supplement of lubrication oil and grease;

2, check whether the mold closing equipment of plastic blowing mold and installation of stretching rod is loosing. If the head of stretching rod deformation or damaged, it will influence the forming of bottle.

3, Check heater to confirm whether there is damage on the infrared heating lamp. Clean aluminum. baffle-board. Stain causes heating unequally on the bottle blank, heater and baffle-board overheat  It influences the bottle blowing quality;

4, Confirm whether the installation bolts of mold and mechanical is loosing;

5, Clean all the components of mold, check whether there is wearing and deformation.

Check items for every month

Below are the check contents for every month. Cut off the power supply of the machine.

1, check whether the bolts and nuts of movable part of machinery, the installation bolts of mold components, etc are loosing. For finding the loosing situation of bolts immediately, please mark at the bolts by water-based pen. If there is loosing, please tighten immediately, and mark the same sign;

2, check and clean every silencer of air circuit. If the jam could not be resolved after cleaning, please replace components;

3, check the tubes. Check whether there is air leakage at the connector and damage of components. Check whether there is events like wearing, bending, broken, etc on the surface of tubes;

4, supplement lubrication grease on the touch surface of mold;

5, check the stain situation of filter in power cabinet. If the stain or jam is serious, please clean at once;

6, check auxiliary machine, there is some difference according to the manufacturers and models. Please refer to the user manual of every machine for details.

Check items for every 6 months 

1, Clean and check whole machinery. Check again the problems found in checking in everyday to every month;

2, check the wiring of power supply and all plug-in. Check all fuses. Make sure every connecting bolts is tight. Whether there is loosing or copper wire leakage at the nuts and connecting parts. Whether there is oil and water enter the control cabinet, or rubbish and dust. If there is, please removal immediately. Foreign matter entered may cause accidents like damage of machine, electricity leakage, etc. If there is foreign matter, please clean at once. Whether the rubber cover of control cabinet and mechanical connecting hole sealed tightly;

3, test for insulation resistance (high resistance test). For avoiding electricity leakage accident, please implement insulation resistance test. Please ask electric engineering company to do this experiment;

4, air circuit. Test the sealing performance of air circuit, control valve, pressure meter, tubes, connectors by using soap water.

5, check the safety valve of plastic blowing inflator;

6, clean the inside of tubes of cooling water. Clean the inside of mold, connector and tubes.

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