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How to Install and Debug WBM-3 PET Bottle Blowing Machine

 Installation and Debugging of WBM-3 PET Bottle blowing machine

First, connect the air and water for the PET blowing machine

If  you use the high and low pressure air compressor, please turn off the blue switch. If you just use the high pressure air compressor, please turn on the blue switch.
The function of this high pressure valve is to convert the high pressure to low pressure, and the low air pressure must be controlled between 0.8mpa and 1.0mpa.
Beside it, there is a reducing valve, it converts high pressure to micro-air blow. The micro-air pressure should be controlled between 0.4mpa and 0.8mpa.
This is atomized lubricator for low pressure. we can find the data here. At the front of it, we can see the high pressure blow and the micro-air blow.

Second, connect the electric

The power is 3-phase 4-wire. The black one is null line.
The black pipe in electric box is the control line to connect with the autoloader.

Third, install auto-loader

Fix the preform loader and connect the electric wire as the video shows. These electric wires consist of 4 pieces of white plastic. 2 are 6points, another 2 are 6 points.

Fourth, connect the bus circuits


Fifth, link the auto-loader tunnel

After finishing, test the tunnel width by one preform. Once this preform can go through, it will be OK. Then, install the optoelectronic switch.

Sixth, assemble stretching cylinder, inset the air pipe and install magnetic switch.


Seventh, install mould

Remove the robot hand toward outside. Take down the ejection rod device. Open the valve which converts high pressure to low pressure. Put the mould in the middle of the plate and lock the platten.
Open the power and emergency stop switch, press starting button.

Eighth, enter the homepage

Change the language

Ninth, adjust mould

Continue to install the mould in PET bottle Blowing Machine. Enter the manual page.
Press “close mould” key. After the mould close, press the platten tightly. Take down 2 steel sheets which on the mould.

Tenth, adjust mould

Use wrench to adjust mould at its best( the best condition just like the engineer pointed out that the bending arm can be straight). Then fix the ejection rod device.

Eleventh, exhaust all the low pressure air

Adjust the center of stretching rod and mould
Adjust the center of robot hand and mould
Tighten the screw

Twelfth, adjust the length of stretching limited rod. ( the length accord to the mould size)

Push back the robot hand, taking 3 pieces of preform to debug.

Thirteenth, fix the robot hand until you see the 3 pieces of preforms in a straight line when clamping.

Adjust this part by clamping preform, sides removing and dropping preform. Once the preform cam drop in the mould steadily, it will be fine.

(please keep the mould neck and plate neck in a line. If you find it is not, you can revise the total pre-heater to adjust the position)

Fourteenth, connect the cooling water with the mould.


Fifteenth, take 3 pieces of preforms to adjust the optoelectronic switch. When the red light turns bright, it will be fine.

“Motor for baking off” key os a instrument to adjust voltage. Please look at the video show.

Sixteenth, adjust the frequency converter and parameter.

Run and stop
Please press”run/ext” first, then press “run”, in this way, the motor can work. If you want to stop, please press “stop/rest”

setting parameter
Press “pu/ext”, when the light turns red, rotating the turnable and adjust datum(the output is decided by it). Then press “set”. Setting completes.

Seventeenth, install bottle conveyor

It is controlled by the motor, and this motor is 3 phase. If you find it is inversion, please change the wire position among two of them.

Eighteenth, adjust pre-heater temperature and blow bottles.


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