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How to Make PET Bottle By PET Blow Molding Machine

Two stage PET processing includes:

· Making performs by Injection Molding

· Blowing bottles by Stretch PET Blow Molding Machine

Because it is more flexible than one step processing, it is widely accepted in Plastic packaging market. You may choose to make preforms only or blow bottles only if you want to do one of them specially.

If your PET Blow Molding Machine is semi-automatic

The bottle making process starts by loading preforms into the preheater. The preheater uses a variable speed track that moves the preforms through a heating tunnel. The heating tunnel has specially designed heating elements for a consistent heating operation with minimal maintenance.

When the preforms have made one trip through the preheater, they are manually loaded two at a time into the blow molder. Operator presses the two bottoms to close the mould. After blowing, take out bottles.  The same process continues. usually one blower and one heater can be 800-1000BPH.

If your PET Blow Molding Machine is automatic

Put the preform in autoloader, the preforms will be transferred to heater automatically, then feed into mould to blow directly. the principle is similar with semi-automatic, but save the labor and increase the output.


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