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How to Get Good Quality Preform

  As we known, preform produce by PET Injection machine, PET preform mold and the necessary auxilairy machines, such as hopper dryer, autoloader, water chiller, cooling tower etc. Some customers who just start the PET production line do not have much acknowdelge about the equipment. Some Fatories want to show low price to customers. They sell very cheap and low quliaty PET preform mold, plus the C screw injection machine. Because C screw have bigger shot weight than screw B. Some even use small model of auxialiry machines. What the finally customer get? The answer must be bad quality preform, money lost and the time lost. How can we get good quliaty preform? Here some points we need follow:

PET Preform Mold1. Equipment Quality

the basic, we need a good quality and proper inejction machine and PET preform mold, also enough size of auxialiry machines. It is very important PET Preform need be made by PET injection machine, PET screw. Usually poor quality PET screw injection poor quality, easy to cause problems, therefore, PET injection machine must have its own dedicated screw. Higher configuration, also can help customer to get lower electricity consumption.

2. Dry Raw Material

When start injection machine, must about 4 hours to dry the PET raw material to a moisture content of 0.05% or less, so that it can create a good non-crystalline transparent preform. That is why we need run the injection machine for 24 hours. If we start and stop frequencyly, it will lost too much electricty and the time.

3. Technology Part

Key process control parameters are: (1) screw speed; (2) injection pressure; (3) injection speed; (4) tube temperature; (5) a nozzle temperature; (6) packing; ( 7) Larsson back; (8) switch mode speed; (9) the cooling time; (10) cycle time. Each parameter stake emitted quality of the product, therefore, control parameters are important to achieve good process parameters, the performance of injection molding machine and shall be designed to meet process requirements.

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