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High Class Water Treatment System

Fully automatic high class water treatment system 8T/H has been finished.  Use S316L material, membrane adopts DOW(USA), membrance shell SF. whole system full automatic controlled by PLC.

The main process is like, customer uses pressure pump to transfer the raw water to the stainless steel water tank. After raw water tank, it uses centrifugal pressure pump to transfer water into quartz sand filter. Quartz sand filter removes the impurity, dirt and such precipitate matte. This filter will clear the water. After the quartz filter, the water will go to the Active carbon filter through stainless steel pipes and contactors. The active carbon filter is very important. It will remove the order of the water. The scale inhibitor mechanism will control the dirty, when membrane separates the carbonate, sulphate. The micro filter, protect filter, and Reverse osmosis all take the membrane filter principle to remove granule, bacteria, germs and all the impurity. Water comes to ozone sterilizer, then go to the final water tank finally.








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