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Bottled Mineral Water Filling Machine Installation and Commission Steps

 Bottled mineral water filling machine is a self-priming filling of the leather tube.  It placed in the material storage barrel. Under the action of the cylinder pulling the piston rod, the material enters the metering cylinder through the self-suction tube and the three-way lower check valve.  The piston pushes the piston to push the material out. Material enters the container through the three-way upper check valve,  leather tube and filling head. The amount of the filling is determined by the magnetic control switch controlling the stroke of the cylinder.

Installation and commissioning of bottled mineral water filling machine

1. read the instructions carefully, preparing the tools.

2. After the installation, brushing machine and the rinsing machine. The filling track and the bottle receiving tray are leveled, the liquid storage tank is filled with materials, and all the electrical switches are in the closed position.

3. Fill the container into the tool box, connect the external power supply. Power socket must be a three-pin socket, and have a reliable grounding wire to prevent the chassis from leaking power. Turn the machine power switch to ON, and the power indicator light.

4. The mounting support plate holds the filling frame and points to the positioning sleeve on the top filling head. The positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down flexibly, and the filling needle is exposed or retracted without hindrance.

5. The switch under the liquid storage tank to the open position, the material can flow into the total metering pump. According to the total filling amount of each container, adjust the screw on the crank and rotate the knob of the filling speed control board to 20 degrees. Left and right, turn the switch on the filling speed control board to the open position.

6. Filling head out of the liquid is the set amount, screw the liquid amount fine-tuning nut, cover the filling head housing. Loosen the filling bracket support plate.

Mineral Water Filling Machine 

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