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Bottle Mineral Water Filling Machine Production Process

  Bottle mineral water filling machine is suitable for filling various mineral water and pure water. Adopt advanced technology, mineral water filling machine can get output from 1500BPH-25000BPH.
  Production process of bottle mineral water filling machine:
1. The bottle passes through the air delivery channel to filling machine through the bottle wheel.
2. The bottle holder mounts on the rotary disk of the bottle washer. It clamps the bottle mouth and turns 180° along a guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward.
3. Flushing nozzle sprays the flushing water and rinses the inner wall of the bottle. After rinsing and draining bottle, it turns over 180° along the guide rail to make the bottle mouth upward.
4. Bottle sent to the filling part by the bottle wheel. After the filling valves open, the water come through filling valve. When bottle full of water, the bottle mouth lowers away from the filling valve.  Bottle enters the capping machine through the card bottleneck transition dial.
5. The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine catches the bottle neck and keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation. Capping head keeps revolving and self-rotating on the capping machine, capping action under the action of the cam, and completes the whole capping process. The finished bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the bottle delivery chain through the bottle puller, and the bottle mineral water filling machine is transported by the conveyor chain.
bottle mineral water filling machine

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