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Operation Note of PET Preform Mould

Here some important point for install and maintain the PET preform mould for your reference.

  1.  Before installing the new mould, please confirm all the screws if they are loose caused by the transportation, if so, please fasten them.
  2. After finished the temperature controlling system, please make sure that the plug and all the circuits were connected as the marks, avoiding a short circuit to damage the components or abnormal temperature and so on.
  3. Do not heat the mould without the cooling water, because high temperature would cause possible damage and deformation on the components and sealing parts.
  4. Do not contact the plug above the mould and the heater inside with water, or possible damages would happen on the heaters and the components of the temperature controller.
  5. Instant injections should follow the start of the clamping pin, if not, please check the cavity whether there is spillage of the plastic before next clamping, preventing from possible jam or damage on the core and the cavity.
  6. Regarding the guiding column, guiding sleeve and stripping device, high-viscosity solid oil should be use for them, and necessary to keep them always in good lubricating condition, otherwise components wear will happen and eject or retreat will not be smooth.
  7. When heating the mould, the principal runner should come first, after the temperature reached the setting value, the sub-runner then should be started, this sequence avoided the material disintegrating and blackening because of the early heating.


1 when long time no use or disassembling, in order to avoid moisture erosion, please spray the rust preventer on the cavity, neck and the core.

2 the mould should be laid in a dry place, and coated with anti-rust oil avoiding moisture.

Since we are aware of our responsibilities, we always develop our products to get maximum customer satisfication!


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