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Efficient Blowing Molding Machine from Winiber

Flexible and efficient blow molding machine

The AL series is the latest fully-automated blow molding machine in our company. The AL-7 has a productivity of 12000 bottles/hr and the AL-8 has a productivity of 14000 bottles/hr. Hours, apply 0.1-1.5 liter containers.

The AL series uses a straight-line structure that is simple and reliable, combined with perfect PET processing technology to make the machine more flexible and reliable. The machine adopts a digitally controlled heating unit, which makes the setting of various preform temperatures more accurate and makes the material distribution of preforms during processing more reasonable, thus ensuring the quality of the bottles and reducing the weight of the bottles.

The blowing molding machine has the technical advantages

Machine reliability

The structure is compact and reasonable, and the device is protected by electrical and mechanical safety systems. It has a long life and only a few consumables. Constant productivity, built on unique structural design.

Automatic operation

The main control unit uses Simens products.

Various operating functions are all controlled by the control panel. Each production parameter is stored in the machine, which can be recorded and printed for inspection and modification by the operator to improve product quality.

Bottle weight reduction

Thanks to the precise digital temperature control system and complete stretching movement, the material distribution is optimized.

Winiber company is dedicated focusing on PET blowing machine, PET Preform mould and water filling machines.

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